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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Symbolism and Meaning : 30 Seconds To Mars - 'Hurricane' (Video Song Uncensored)


Song : 30 Seconds To Mars (Uncensored) -Video contains themes and imagery that may offend some viewers.-
Music video by 30 Seconds To Mars performing Hurricane and including Escape and Night of the Hunter. Directed by Bartholomew Cubbins. (P) (C) 2010 Virgin Records America, Inc.

censored version

"I really was just following my creative muse and this is where it led me, to make a film that explores some of the things that usually live in the darker corners of our universe and our psyche"
-Jared Leto

Please Watch The Full Video (above) Before Reading The Below Article.

There is no other video song by a rock-band in recent time,that been scrutinized and interpreted in different ways by the fans as well as the experts.Deciphering the deep symbolic nature of this thirteen minutes film seemed hard for many around the world.Some viewed it as a more on a sinister outlook,and others gave it a simplistic interpretation on the band's passion towards their fan followers.But neither,gave it a profound answer to its deep encoded message to its viewers.The video neither tells us about some dark-secret society   awaiting for world domination,nor the deep cluttered emotion of sex,in-fact sex was more on a metaphorical nature in it.

This experimental short film contains excerpts from the tracks "Escape" and "Night of the Hunter." It takes place in what is believed to be a dream, and explores a violent and sexual world where 30 Seconds to Mars are stalked and attacked by various figures known as "The Gimps", while a lesbian couple known as Shae and Sunisa engage in sexual bondage activities and Jared is confronted by hallucinations. Jared spends the entire video being chased by a sledgehammer-wielding killer obsessed with trying to kill the seemingly invincible Jared. Shannon battles with a woman who shares romantic feeling for him and Tomo composes the orchestral score of the song with three identical copies of himself. The video was censored and banned because of its elements of violence, nudity and sex in an almost pornographic context.The whole thirteen minutes video was divided in to three parts or three stages,developing and unraveling the truth behind the veil.BIRTH,LIFE and DEATH.

Titles : This is not real,This is a dream

The title of the video itself begins with one of the biggest clue of the entire video,this is not real that this is a dream.So if we take the entire nature of the video,its not a dream,in-fact it is a nightmare.But why they call it a dream,what is the significance of a dream.Dreams are successions of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that occur involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep.The content and purpose of dreams are not definitively understood, though they have been a topic of scientific speculation, philosophical and religious interest throughout recorded history.Dreams are interpreted in many ways in different culture,most interesting and profound is in the Hindu philosophy,and according to the Hindu philosophy we all are a part of a bigger dream .i.e.we are nothing but the separated conscious form of the God himself who sleeps for a Brahma Century.And in that time period,humanity must go through all its tough time to wake up as God in future,conquering all its fear,emotions and instincts of our lower-nature to reborn as an immortal himself.

So when the video starts by saying it is a dream,it is the dream that we all dream to wake-up.A dream that we all are a part off (I'm not talking in a Jungian unconscious-mind principle).The universe as a stage we all play out our role in to eternity,to pursue and seek eternal liberation from this slaved and suffering world,the very real flesh we all engraved act as a principle cause for all the bondage,when we become the slave of it.


The dream takes place nowhere other than in Manhattan ,in New-York City,one of the biggest and busiest place in the entire world,where the normal-humans have given the value of slaves by the corporates that runs the country.And there is no other cities,that portray the complexity and depthness of the mind itself,other than Manhattan.Here we see the name 'Manhattan' on a manhole-cover,which was in the shape of a wheel.A wheel always represents time in most of the cultures,it also signifies the end of something old and beginning of new,but as a never-ending process of evolution that is attached with the time-space realm.Hence the entire dream-drama in this song takes place in the realm of mind,where we fight our own battle.The elements of darkness come on face to face with our own soul-nature.This is were we fight the war of dogmas and laws,once society inflicted on our own purity.

Saṅsāra or Saṃsāra ,literally meaning "continuous flow", is the cycle of birth, life, death, rebirth or reincarnation within Hinduism, Buddhism, Bön, Jainism, Sikhism, and other Indian religions. In modern parlance, samsara refers to a place, set of objects and possessions, but originally, the word referred to a process of continuous pursuit or flow of life. In accordance with the literal meaning, the word should either refer to a continuous stream of consciousness, or the continuous but random drift of passions, desires, emotions, and experiences.

Chariot Wheel Representing Time In The Sun Temple of Konark

Chapter One : Birth

The three principle characters in the movie,

1.The guy on the speed bike.(Shannon)
2.The guy from the metro-subway (Tomo)
3.The guy who is sleeping (Jared Letto)

represents the three suppressed aspects of our own subconscious mind and its fight to find rationalism among this irrational world of religion and politics.The guy on the bike symbolizes (Shannon),the suppressed enthusiasm towards 'knowing hidden knowledge',the second guy from the metro-subway (Tomo),represents suppressed  'emotion for freedom' and the third,guy who is sleeping (Jared Letto) exemplify 'the dormant passion',filled in fear to express.And the mouse,running inside a mouse-wheel (In J.Letto's penthouse),mark the caged and enslaved human mind in the invisible matrix of materialistic/outward-delusion,and wheel represents its repeated process/mechanism in day-to-day life as mechanical machine than a 'thinking and growing human being'.

Chased by the dark-forces called the 'gimps' or the negative forces who intimidate the three principal forces to suppress itself in fear.While the force retreats and resists to the power that tries to torment them.

So,on what contest we call this whole process a 'Birth',What is it giving birth for?
And the answer is simple,it is the birth of wakefulness,where the three-forces wakes-up to confront their own fears to find the answer of their own nature.The day when we all have to wake our inner selves,to pursue the answer for our eternal questions.Fear comes in our way in many forms,as a sledgehammer-wielding killer (who wants to hammer our passion) or as a masked pimp and his prostitute-slave- (who refuses our freedom for expression) or it is something we need to chase in our life to find a fulfillment ,like the Shannon chases the girl who stabs him in the beginning (enthusiasm on knowledge which is hidden by our societies,once the idea is incepted in our heart,it is hard to stop us in finding).

Chapter Two : Life

 Life is the new beginning of a journey of a higher-kind and also a multitude of realization on this raw-world,where we all are helped by the divine-will to escape from this fake reality.The three keys to each of the principle emotion,holds the clue,to our own inner liberation or a short-cut to escape ourselves from unknown fear that suffocate us.

Shannon, receives the key from the girl herself that stabs him,symbolizing the inception of the very idea of 'enthusiasm for knowledge' is the key to unlock its mysteries.Where as Tomo receives his key from the girl (prostitute) he rescues from the masked pimp,subliminally telling us to conquer all the hurdles that enslaves us from our freedom.And Jared Letto,get his key from a sealed-black door; the door points to all our hidden and suppressed passion,that was stamped as taboo by the world.

Priest,Rabbi and Imam

Coming out from the subway of ignorance,and after encountering his hurdles of fear that enslaved him,Tomo witness all the religious beliefs,dogmas and laws getting burned in to the fire of freedom and knowledge.That there is no,chain on him any more as he walks off seeing it as a good-omen.

Martyrs Coffins

Many died in the name of country and its freedom,and they were finally clothed in flag to portray the pride of nation,but what is the value of dying in vein as a slave ? Does that lifeless bodies in those coffins carries anymore memories it has achieved and conquered ? Or does it give a higher meaning to the nation itself ?

In the name of nation,one-day you can also be knocked down in to one of that coffin,and nobody really care.And that is a fact.So either you can escape with key,or you can suffocate and die in it.Its a choice between life and death.The key is your own choice on overcoming your fears,following the nature's omen,that will lead you to your ultimate treasure.And the moment you use the key,you wake-up again in a whole new reality controlled by you.

Procession of Gimps

The negative forces that lives in us are more stronger and outnumbered than positive ones.It possess much strength and caliber,while the positive are few and easy to defeat.This is state of every human psyche.

Shannon and Tomo Uses The Keys

Tomo uses the key to open a book-box that gives him a scroll to follow his destination; showing the key has fulfilled its purpose on leading to his freedom and the book resembles the knowledge,while Shannon unlocks his handcuffs locked by the mystery-girl on a street bench,by using the same key she had given him earlier,symbolizing the knowledge can only unlock the lock created by the knowledge.

Chapter Three : Death

The journey started by the three principle forces are near to an end,their desired fruits awaits them.All the symbols and words wrote by the children (guardian angels of our psyche) as graffiti now guide J.Letto or the force of passion to his/its fulfillment.The guiding force inside,who came in the form of children left all the meanings and a way-out for the passion to express with its full freedom.Now on realizing the soul truth of the Universe,all the positive forces has came together as one powerful being in nature,who no one can stop from its journey to expression.Finally the fear has to surrender in front of him,and vanish forever.

Final Freedom

Tomo (symbol of freedom) realize the freedom in this chaotic and diabolical world is just an illusion,as he wears his sun-glass while entering a rave-party and sinks himself in the flashes and sound.

Face-off with the emotion of fear,and the fear gets defeated in last.

Final union with the mystery itself (Knowledge),after a long and difficult chase on passion and freedom.


The symbolic meaning of a triad in alchemy is air,and it is also a symbol of air-spirits called sylphs.But in a more profound term it is a symbol of enlightenment (Up-Ward) and occult knowledge.

Montages On Bondage-Sex and Subliminal Stimulis

One of the most intriguing fact of this whole video is the flashing montages of bondage sex clips and other symbolic subliminal stimulus popping in between the song.It shows the deprived passion and emotion,abominated in to a certain level in our own subconsciousness due to suppression and oppression.Especially the porcelain twins,reflects the subconscious content in to the conscious to manifest in to our act.So always an arrested mind,bring out act of violence and depression.

An Answered Phone

When we closely observe the flash montages,in one of the clips, there was a phone getting answered,as its receiver had been taken for answering.It signifies the importance of being connected to ourselves,we all get calls within us every moment,but only few answers and follows it.

Beautiful Disasta

Today seems like a good day to burn a bridge or two 
The one with old wood creaking that would burn away right on cue 
I try to be not like that but some people really suck 
Some people need to get the axing chalk it up to bad luck 
I know a drugstore cowgirl so afraid of getting bored 
She's always running from something so many things ignored 
I might do that stuff if it didn't make me feel like shit 
I'm on some old reality tip so many trips in it 
Beautiful disaster 
Flyin' down the street again 
I tried to keep up 

You wore me out and left me ate up 
Now I wish you all the luck 
You're a butterfly in the wind without a care 
A pretty train crash to me and I can't care 
I do I don't whatever 
I know a drugstore cowgirl so afraid of getting bored 
She's always running from something so many things ignored 
I try to be not like this but I thought it'd make a good song 
There's nothing to see shows over people just move along

The above is the famous lyrics of the band '311' from the song 'Beautiful Disaster',where they sing about persons intenral thoughts.

"Today seems like a good day to burn a bridge or two.
The one with old wood creaking that would burn away right on cue"
. - This refers to a crossroads you've come to. There are two ways over the river and you can only take one. One is going to collapse easy, the other is the high road.

The overlook to our own internal nature on decision,on what we must choose at the end of the crossroads.

"I might do that stuff if it didn't make me feel like shit
I'm on some old reality tip so many trips in it "
Here singer refers to the people taking hard ways,while the the singer himself wants his reality to be true,not fake.

Voice Overs

French : "Ce n'est pas la réalité c'est un rêve"par Littlehamon
English:"This is not reality this is dream" 

Spanish : "Este triste corazon esta en punto de convertirse en llamas"
English : "This sad heart is about to turn into flames."


French : "Abandonnez tous vos sens au plaisir, qu'il soit le seul dieu de votre existence et c'est à lui seul qu'une jeune fille doit tout sacrifier, et rien a ses yeux ne doit être aussi sacré que le plaisir" par Millie
English : "Leave all your senses to pleasure, it must be the only god of your existence and this is to him that a young girl has to sacrifice everything, and nothing in her eyes must be as sacred as pleasure."

Pre-End :
Violent delights have violent ends. And in their triumph die, like fire and powder,Which, as they kiss.

“dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before” 
-A quote by the great American poet Edgar Allan Poe.Clearly edifice the core-meaning,of the true nature of human consciousness beyond a mortal human body.The one who defeats his fears and find his true nature in himself,is a true immortal,and only an immortal can dream that dream-


Therefore, any quest we undertake in our way for finding answers,for our inner questions or to know the knowledge we always wanted to know,these are the three main forces which will assist us inside on our pursue.

1.Enthusiasm (Shannon)
2.Freedom (Tomo)


The 2nd key was used first, to escape the handcuffs [chains] - Enthusiasm can unlock your chain,where all you want is to know,and there is nothing to stop you.

The 3rd key was used second, to escape the box [boundaries] - Passion can make you break boundaries and go forward.

The 1st key was used third, to unlock knowledge [enlightenment] - Enlightenment is Freedom,now your being is beyond any boundary,it became the universe.

And only combining these pure principle elements (Without contaminating it with fear,society, religion (dogmas) and laws) of mind,we acquire knowledge of the 'Hidden Kind'.An enthusiastic,free and passionate mind can conquer anything,under and over the dome of this Universe.

To conclude I would like to say that,what I interpreted here was one aspect,of the infinite diagrams of a human subconscious and unconscious mind,one can still produce numerous perception on its visuals through more deeper creative thinking,but whatever the interpretation might be,all it remain in the realm of mind itself.

"No matter how many deaths that I die I will never forget
No matter how many lives that I live I will never regret
There is a fire inside of this heart and a riot about to explode into flames
Where is your God
Where is your God
Where is your God"

"Tell me would you kill to save a life
Tell me would you kill to prove you're right
Crash crash
Burn let it all burn
This hurricane's chasing us all underground"

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  1. 30 Seconds to Mars are Illuminatis!!!!!

    1. Illuminati IS the plural. The singular is illuminatus. (Some who apparently reject Latin make it illuminato, but I don't think so.) Illuminatis doesn't fly.

    2. My mind is blown at this interpretation!

  2. I love your interpretation of this.

  3. Thanks for this fantastic interpretation. I've been fascinated by this video since it came out.

  4. They are not illuminatis... --'

  5. Thank you VERY much. I can usefully add only two things.

    The last name is spelled "Leto", with only one T.

    Nobody seems to mention that "gimp" is an old, usually insulting, word for a crippled or limping person. I would guess that here the "gimps" are figures crippled by their own limited worldview who attempt to force it on others.

  6. So this vid is made to show they are OUT of illuminati??

  7. I agree with almost everything. But I think that the part with the biker means that life has been lived too fast, he crashes and falls. I have not yet completely understood the whole story... With the woman, I'm not quite sure but I guess she is also a metaphor.

  8. one small thing left ... Within the first 1:30 minutes you can see an opened handcuff hanging on a handle. I suspect it also has a meaning. Maybe an "E"?
    Has anyone an idea on this???

  9. I think that the open handcuffs suggest freedom because they are open. Handcuffs are used to restrain, and when they are closed they are normally closed around something (most likely a persons wrist). So when they are open they are not restraining or closing in anyone, so that person is free.
    That is my interpretation.
    Anyone else have any ideas?

  10. I don't think they are influenced by the illuminati at all, I think it's much, much, much deeper than that. Something that they follow. Something that is too difficult to understand.

  11. in a bdsm sense...handcuffs; though used as a restraint are also viewed as a freedom...

    when you free your mind from what society labels as normal then you are truly set free...

    freedom lies within and those who are afraid to seek that freedom are truly bound...

  12. I honestly don't have words for everything that this video shows... it's beautiful... liberating, awakening... so many encrypted messages in many layers. Beautiful video! Your description and analysis was amazing too. I enjoyed reading this! If the author of this article would like to speak more as to this video I can be reached at nite_shade_999@yahoo.com

  13. just an observation on the handcuffs, the fact that they are there shows that there is the possibility of recapture, meaning the reintegration into mind-numbing suppressive society, which shows that though you may be free (open hand cuffs are liberating) there is always the chance of being brought back to a state of bondage and fear. freedom is not permanent. just thought i would throw that out there.

  14. Good work! Congrats!

    My interpretetion, explanation on their last video
    Up in the Air.

    My point of view in subs :) enjoy.


    1. they blocked your video!
      i appreciate if you create a blog or share it in 4shared!

  15. I love how this video was interpreted and actually symbolize a lot of things in life!!!

  16. This is the best song and video that ever existed and I hate people who are like .... ' that, it, or some other shit ' is better than this !!

    No matter how many times I listening it and rewatching .. each next time I found a much deeper story that Jared wanted us to capture it. For the video there are not enough words .. Its whole pack of masterpice. Thats why I love this band, they always choose the weird way, the different but yet one of the best way to describe a story. They always put their biggest effort in all of their song .. but their videos at most .. taking back on The Kill, Beautiful Lie, From Yesterday, Up in the air (not many fans also had understood the meaning) Anyway this song doesn't have expiry date .. It will last forever and for sure will be my absolutely all time favourite.
    P.s They are so not Illuminati !!! They are bigger than that .. they have their own cult .. own people ... Echelon .. we last forever !

  17. 30 Seconds to Mars is anti-Illuminati, they are simply trying to expose them through lyrics and images......!!!

  18. The name "30 seconds to mars" is actually based on a travelling technology that takes exactly 30 seconds to reach mars from earth by the US government. The other technology they use is called "jump gate" which takes you there instantaneously.

  19. I liked this interpretation a lot :o

  20. Your interpretation is real and fact...
    I go through these feelings and if we think deeply we can connect.

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  23. It's funny to read people talking about Illuminati without even knowing what the name means. I won't talk about the video as the review got most of the meaning right. And just for a twist: What if the Illuminati are not what most people think they are, what if they are the "good guys"? (hint) (hint) (hint)

  24. Not really a brain twister to figure out what illuminati means..now. to the point. Nobody in show business/music business has a career without the gay-assed illuminati say so. Why you think Dave Chappelle just ended the show?..he wouldn't conform, bye bye career..look what hey did to Katt Williams (see youtube) See what professor Griff is saying on youtube about these fuckin douchebags.They want us regular people dead. It's a shame I like a few 30 Seconds to Mars songs a lot but I saw some Illuminati signs in this video and the end of the This is War video the last shot I saw a gay pyramid which Jared Leto is kinda shooting at which made me think they were anti-illuminati which led me here and after watching this I'd say yeah they are and they still have careers so.

  25. This video is so inspirational, deep and just so...Relaxing in ceirtain way.
    30 seconds to mars is actually one of the firts bands i ever listened to.
    I like your interpretation and i think we all should stay away dogmas and religions, obtaining and seeking our own beliefs is the way the life should be about..Not a creeping wheel repeated over and over again like is structured to be in the actuality.
    I think Jared is one of the very few that experiences the real freedom~
    I admire him. :)


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